Exhibition and Workshops at the Winds of Change Gallery

I am so excited to announce that I will be exhibiting my work during the Winchcombe Music and Arts Festival at The Winds of Change Gallery. The exhibition will run from the 14th May through to the 4th June and will be accompanied by two workshops held at the gallery.

A little while ago my agent returned an 18 year archive of my designs to me. As I set about cataloguing them I framed a few and put them up on my walls…..and so an idea was born to create Textile Art pieces alongside my fashion/interior sample work. This has coincided with some fantastic fabric collage workshops held at my studio using my extensive stash of vintage fabrics!

For this exhibition there is a loose theme of fairytale landscapes and frosty starlit nights. The flora and fauna combine with abstracted backgrounds to create unexpected scenes that are hopefully both decorative and evocative. The Gallery has lovely architectural features and furniture that will display imaginary creatures, lace bowls, fictitious felted birds and bouquets of cartoon flowers.  Also included in the exhibition will be a selection of one-off textiles for the home that combine vintage textiles with modern design.

Please do try and see it and let me know what you think!


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